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DHSE was established in 2003 to provide engineering services to the automotive, regulatory and electric utility industry. Specializing in energy storage for hybrid, electric vehicle development programs.


David Swan

Dr. David Swan is an engineer with experience in academia, private, and government R&D of applied electrochemistry. He has started and led organizations and companies in Canada and the USA. His professional activities encompass technology, competitive analysis, patent reviews and professional witness1. His experience is principally in the application of Pb, Ni and Li battery chemistry to electric vehicles.

Dr. Swan is well connected having consulted to all the major automotive companies and being on an expert panel to provide a worldwide technology assessment for CARB2. Recent activities include the organization of the national EMC Conference3 and the build of a unique community owned commercial wind field4. He has 7 patents and patents pending. He is the author of numerous papers, and he has competed in electric vehicle competitions including setting FIA certified EV Land Speed Record (2000)5. He has been driving electric vehicles since 1986 and is the proud owner of a Tesla model S.

Dr. Swan’s Electric bus experience includes analysis, design and equipment supply work.

Customers include Allison Transmission, RTC (Quebec City Transit), Los Angeles Public Transit,

Georgetown University, PosiCharge, AeroVironment and others.

Contact: [email protected], 902 657 2933